Enchlor was founded in Silverdale, PA in 2005 by an industry veteran with a passion for creating vacumn solution products that were both durable and superior in functionality. Building the company from the ground up was no small task. Utilizing American made materials, parts, supplies, and labor, owner Thane Tagg had a vision which endures to this day. Within 9 years he had developed the most progressive environmental service product manufacturing company in America. Today, Enchlor's products are utilized around the globe.

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2005 - Company founded
2005 - Established sales office in US
2007 - Started shipping the 1st custom made Vacuum Regulators for the wastewater industry
2009 - Established national sales offices and vendor list.
2010 - Established international sales offices and vendor list.
2011 - Expanded product list with regulators and Control analyzers
2013 - Further product line expansions and manufacturing location